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HJZ LAESR New Model Air Cooling Type Handheld Laser Welding Machine Hot Selling

HJZ LASER new model handheld laser welding machine now is on market and hot selling, with its small size and light weight, one person can carry it easily.

More than 20 units of this new model air cooling type handheld laser welding machine will be delivered to the international market this month.

Many potential distributor and end users are interested in this machine, they see its big market and wide usage, it is a new market trend and opportunity.

  • Intelligent temperature regulation of dual circuit refrigerant system:

Air cooling system + refrigerant cooling system

Unique design of the cooling system – dual circuit cooling mode and intelligent control algorithm, it helps the internal heat dissipation of long-term working welding machines to fully adapt to power fluctuations, fully ensuring the operating temperature and stable light output of the laser, and enhancing the stability of long-term operation of the welding machine.

  • Welding gun light path design reduces energy loss

HJZ Laser patented technology – welding gun optical path collimation output, greatly reducing light refraction, making the internal optical path of the welding gun more focused. When using the welding gun for a long time, it can ensure that the handle no longer heats up in the current environment, enhance the operating experience, increase the lifespan of the welding gun, and also enhance the safety guarantee of the welding gun under continuous working conditions.

  • Reliable integrated structural design

Integrated structure is not only reflected in the high integration of the internal structure of the equipment, but also in the overall optimization of the supporting optical fiber winding of the welding machine and the optical fiber output of the welding gun, making the photoelectric conversion efficiency higher than other welding machine equipment on the market. The reliable structural design ensures the continuous and stable operation ability of the welding machine for 7 * 24 hours.

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