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HJZ Laser 3D laser crystal engraving machine

3D crystal Engravings are an best choice for people to use as family memorabilia, office promotion gifts or awards. Starting a 3D laser crystal engraving machine business requires the right equipment.

laser crystal engraving machine

The principle of laser engraving is the interference of light. The two laser beams from different angles inject into the inner transparent objects (such as glass, crystal, etc.) and exactly meet at one point. As the two-beam laser interference occurs at the intersection and the light energy is converted to internal energy with a lot of heat emission to melt into small voids. The machine can accurately control two laser beams at different positions on the intersection, creating a large number of tiny holes to form a desired pattern to achieve crystal inner engraving effect.

HJZ Laser 3D laser crystal engraving machine is to engrave 2D or 3D design inside of crystal, glass, acrylic and other transparent material without any hurt to the material. Adopting auto laser positioning system, 3D laser crystal engraving machine can track the light path and the high precision motion control system ensures high quality engraving operation of finished product.

laser crystal engraving machine

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