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HJZ LASER got many orders in the International Fair

Last week , HJZ LASER attended the International Machinery&Electronic Products Fair ,which is also International Machinery Tool Fair. HJZ LASER machines attracted many customers and distributor from international market, and get many orders from the fair and online orders.

Industrial laser machines have very wide and big market,the best sellers are: laser marking machine, laser welding machine,laser cleaning machine, laser cutting machine,robot arm system.

The luggage type laser cleaning machine is small size and light weight, it can clean rust ,oil,painting, coating, dirt. HJZ LASER cleaning machine can help customers save big cost and create high value. For example, one customer from auto parts industry, the rubber mold was rusted, if he open one new mold, the cost will be more than 100000USD. With laser cleaning , he save big cost, and after cleaning ,the mold can be used again.

HJZ LASER marking machine can do laser marking ,deep engraving, cutting and cleaning , 4 function in 1. It has very wide usage and big market.

HJZ LASER handheld laser welding machine can weld different materials and thickness. With high welding speed and good welding effect, laser welding machine is taking place of traditional welding method.

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