Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology

HJZ LASER In The World Automobile EXPO

This exhibition is one of the biggest auto exhibition and platform for automobile industry in the world,many world famous companies,such as BOSCH, ABB,KEYENCE, 3M, RICOH, KOYO,Brother all attend this exhibition.

There are more than 40 thousands of visitors from China and abroad,pay a visit to the exhibition.

HJZ LASER exhibition are very welcome and attract many visitors, and get many potential end user and distributor inquiries.

HJZ LASER machines are widely used in auto and auto parts industry:

Laser marking machine can mark logo, text, numbers ,bar code on auto parts.

Laser cutting machine can cut metal plate and metal tube for auto parts.

Laser welding machine can weld auto parts, metal parts.

Laser cleaning machine can clean tyre mould,auto parts, rusted parts ,car painting.

Wall printing machine can print pictures directly on car body ,truck body.

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