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HJZ Laser upgrade transport packaging-Multi-protection your goods

HJZ Laser upgrade transport packaging-Multi-protection your goods

There will be various accidents during the long time transportation. If there is no good protection, it is easy to cause the machine to deform or lose paint. To ensure that the customer receives the machine in good condition. HJZ laser upgrade the package of transportation in 2022. multi-protection mke sure machine will not encounter a serious of unstable factors, such as lose paint, impact, extrusion, flooding, cracking of wooden box, etc.

The packing step is divided into 5 steps.

  1. Use the foam to protect the machine paintwork from scratches.
  2. Use wrapping film to prevent water entering the machine.
  3. Use foam to fill the gap to prevent impact and extrusion.
  4. Combination the wooden box, use tapping screws to nail wooden box, convenience for customers to disassemble.
  5. Finally, fix the thickened wooden box with ties to prevent the box from cracking.

The Chinese old saying goes “Good horse, good saddle”. Same, high quality products should have high quality package. HJZ Laser want customers have high quality shopping experience from purchase to after-sales service. Because we wish have long-term business relationship with customer, not once. Multi-protection products and make sure customers receives the machine in good condition is one of the most important steps.

HJZ Laser welcome all friend to consult and purchase the machines with our utmost sincerity!

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