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HJZ portable handheld laser cleaning machine is a laser cleaning tool launched by HJZ. The cleaning machine has many advantages such as portable and lightweight, flexible and adjustable parameters, wireless control, etc., which can efficiently remove rust, stains, and oil on the surface of the workpiece. , Plating, etc., can be applied to mechanical processing, cultural relics restoration, mold cleaning, food processing, electronic circuits and other industries. With the characteristics of precise positioning, it can meet the processing of a variety of modeling workpieces and achieve efficient cleaning.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Description

HJZ is a prefessional portable laser cleaning machine manufacturer and it has been in laser cleaning field for more than 10 years . And HJZ good at laser cleaning machine series such as portable laser cleaning machine, backpack type laser cleaning machine,  laser cleaning rust oil painting coating, metal rust laser cleaning machine and so on .

Quick Detail

CharacteristicLaser Type
ModelPortable Laser Cleaning Machine  |  Metal Coating Laser Cleaning Machine | Backpack Type Laser Cleaning Machine
Output MethodPulsed/CW
Delivery Cable Length5m
Average Output Power>100w
Cooling MethodAir Cooled
Power Supply Voltage220V
Power Consumption<450W
Anti-Reflection ProtectionYes
Ambient Temperature Range0~40℃
Storage Temperature Range-10~60℃
Handheld laser head0.62kg


Main Features of Laser cleaning machine

  • No damage to the base of the material due to the no-touch surface cleaning performance.
  • Precise cleaning technic for the specific area in a selected area.
  • No need of chemistry or other added supplies.
  • Easy to be operated, can be hand-held or auto-cleaned by installing a robotic arm.
  • Small cleaning time consumption and comes with a high quality finishing result.
  • Stable and impacted integrated design which results to no extra maintenance.

Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology Co. Ltd is established in 2009,  is a world leading manufacturer of industrial laser equipments, online fly inkjet printer and wall printing machines.

HJZ LASER is located in China optical valley , Wuhan city,which is the technical and manufacturing center of China industrial laser machines. We are specialized in laser marking machines, laser cutting machines,laser welding machines, metal fiber laser cleaning machine, inkjet printer and wall printing machines for  more than 10 years.

With high standard quality and competitive price our products  are popular not only in China but also popular in world wide. We Exported Such as Russia, United states, Korea , Japan, Mexico,Germany,UAE,South Africa,Austria,Romania,Iceland and other countries etc. We have strong R&D capability to help customers to achieve their goals.


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