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Handheld laser welding cutting cleaning 3 in 1 machine

Handheld laser welding ,laser cutting and laser cleaning 3 in 1 function is very hot selling now. HJZ LASER handheld laser welding machine 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w are popular among the world market, has very wide usage and big market. Handheld laser welding machine can weld different materials and thickness, compare with traditional welding method,laser welding is 5 times faster welding speed, smooth and beautiful welding effect,no deformation.
handheld laser welding machine
handheld laser welding machine
HJZ LASER handheld laser welding machine is very easy to use, even kids can operate. The following videos show you: handheld laser welding cutting and cleaning 3 in 1 function , kids can operate handheld laser welding machine.

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