Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology

HJZ Backpack Style MOPA Laser Cleaning Machine

The laser cleaning machine shoot beams of high-energy light at a corroded surface. It can remove rust and other contaminants(oil, coat, paint…) from metal. The corrosion is turned into gas and dust that can be vacuumed away. Laser cleaning is also used to clean moulds used in production lines. Backpack Style laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning, easy to install, operate and realize automation.
laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine


  1. Non-contact cleaning, no chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, no damage to the base material, safe and environmentally friendly
  2. The laser cleaning head is extremely lightweight and can be operated by hand for a long time

  3. Patented red light assisted focusing technology, can adjust the focus position according to different field lenses
  4. Wireless control, can realize parameter setting and light control remotely, and update the parameters at any time
  5. Backpack style design, the weight of the whole machine is 20kg.


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