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leather laser engraving machine
laser cleaning machine

1、Laser cleaning principle

laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine

High energy laser cleaning machine is absorbed by the surface smear layer, with the high temperature, a rapidly expanding plasma is formed to generate shock waves, pollutant become debris and are removed.

Laser cleaning machine use high energy laser beam to irradiate the surface smear layer, with the high temperature, the rust, oil, painting and coating can evaporate or peel off to achieve the cleaning purpose.

The pulse width of the laser light is short enough and the absorption rate of the base materials to the laser light is very low, most of the laser light is reflected. Laser cleaning process is completed instantly, so the base materials will not have obvious temperature rise, no damage to the base materials. Laser cleaning machine can clean rust, oil, painting and coating etc.


2、Characteristics of laser cleaning

  • Non contact cleaning, no damage to the base materials.
  • Precise cleaning, can realize precise position, precise size and selective cleaning.

  • No need of any chemical cleaning fluid and consumables. It is green, safe, convenient and environmental friendly.

  • High cleaning efficiency, saving time.

  • The laser cleaning system is stable and maintenance free.

  • Anti shake and anti spot functions, the cleaning surface is uniform, and will not produce zebra crossing, scars and other effects that affect the appearance.


3、Laser cleaning VS other traditional cleaning

Item Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Polish Dry Ice (Co2) Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning method Laser and non-contact type Chemical agent, contact cleaning Mechanical/abrasive paper, contact cleaning Dry Ice(CO2), non-contact type Cleaning agent, contact type
Damage to the base materials No damage With damage With damage No damage No damage
Cleaning efficiency High Low Low Medium Medium
Consumable Just with electricity Chemical cleaning agent abrasive paper grinding wheel, oilstone Dry Ice(CO2) Special cleaning agent
Effective Excellent with high cleanliness Common, non-uniform Common, non-uniform Excellent, non-uniform Excellent,small cleaning area
Accuracy Precise control, high Accuracy Non-control, low accuracy Non-control, common accuracy Non-control,Low accuracy Can not clear in special place
Safety/ pollution No pollution Environment pollution Environment pollution No pollution No pollution
Handling by workers Simple Operation, handheld/automation Complex process, high requirement for operator, must have preventive measure High labor cost and must have preventive measure Simple operation, handheld/automation Simple operation, but have to add consumables
Cost comparison High first investment, no consumables, low maintenance cost Low first investment, extremely high consumables cost High first Investment, high consumables cost & high labor cost Medium first investment, high consumables cost Low first investment, medium consumables cost

4、Technical parameters

Item Parameter
Laser classClass IV
Outputpower(W)50W 100w 200W 500W 1000W
Laser mode quality(M2)<5
Laser power stability(%)±5%(Max)
Laser single pulse energy1mj(max)
Laser power adjust range10%~100%
Laser frequency adjust range5~500KHz
CoolingAir cooling
Single cleaning size(mm)Length 1~100 mm adjustable,width 1~20 mm adjustable
Parameter adjust modeTouch screen control system
Cable length(m)3m(standard)
Input electric power(V)AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Working environment(℃)-35—40℃,≤70%RH

5、Machine details

Laser cleaning head (optional)

leather laser engraving machine
leather laser engraving machine

6、Laser cleaning samples and projects

Metal rust cleaning

Mold cleaning

leather laser engraving machine

Painting cleaning

Oil cleaning

Coating cleaning


7、Package & Delivery

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