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How to Choose Laser Cleaning Machine

Currently there are continuous laser cleaning machine and pulsed laser cleaning machine in the market.

The pulse laser cleaning machine is using instant high energy shock wave to peel off the rust,oil,painting ,coating.

The continuous type is using instant high temperature processing the surface materials.

Pulse type are much more expensive than continuous type:100w pulse type price is higher than that of 1000w continuous type.

200w pulse type is twice higher than 1000w continuous type.

The main reason is the cost of pulse type laser cleaner are much higher than the continuous type.

If you mainly clean rust and thin paint, the continuous laser cleaning machine is suitable for you.

If you clean baking paint or heavy rust, then you need a pulsed laser cleaning machine. Now HJZ Laser’s pulsed laser cleaning machine has multi stage helix function which is quite suitable for cleaning heavy rust, heavy oil, heavy stain and heavy paint.

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