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How to Choose The Right Laser Marking Machine

Introduction for different laser marking machines

Laser marking machine marks the surface of many different chemical materials. The operation mechanism of marking machine with delicate pattern result by volatilizing the surface of the chemical substances and exposing the deep level of items. Compared with corrosion,electrical discharge machining, mechanical engraving, printing and other traditional processing methods.Laser marking machine technology as a modern precision processing method, it’s easier to design marking patterns, change the marking content with software.It can meet the modern production requirement of high efficiency and fast-pace.Laser marking machine can be divided into fiber laser marking machine,CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine.

The fiber laser marking machine mark permanent signs with outstanding marking effect and can mark complex patterns on tiny surfaces.The wavelength of fiber laser marking machine is 1064 nm. Fiber laser marking machine with a cooling equipment to ensure that the fiber laser marking machine work at constant temperature.

The advantages are as follows:

  1. Perfect and stable beam quality, which can ensure smooth and delicate marking lines.
  2. With fine laser beam, less consumables and maintenance-free.
  3. Fiber laser marking machine belongs to non-contact processing, there is no damage to products and equipment.
  4. The machine is controlled by computer with high processing efficiency and high degree of automation.

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly applicable to most of the metal materials and some non-metallic materials,especially when marking high hardness,high melting point materials,it can be more advantageous.It widely used in various types of machinery, instruments and hardware industries.It has a great application prospect in commerce, communications, military, medical and other fields.

While CO2 laser marking machine takes CO2 gas as the medium,fills the discharge tube with CO2 and other auxiliary gases. High pressure is applied to the electrode, and after the laser energy is amplified, the laser processing can be carried out, the laser beam vaporizes the surface of the machined body to achieve the goal of carving.Generally,the CO2 laser marking machine work instructions come from the computer command.It supports almost all common formats for graphics and text,it’s very flexible. The advantages are as follows:
  1. The marking height and position can be easily adjusted, easy to operate.
  2. Marking efficiency is high, and the marked information can be preserved for a long time.
  3. The marking process will not change the shape and cause other damage to the object.
  4. There will be no harmful substances and gas emitted,relatively environment- friendly.
CO2 laser marking machine is mainly applicable to most non-metallic materials and some metal materials,especially some higher precision requested industries. It’s widely used in paper packaging, plastic products and PVC pipes etc.

UV laser marking machine is through short-wavelength laser directly break the molecular chain of matter, so as to display the required etching patterns, text.The laser wavelength of UV laser marking machine is 355nm, its wavelength focus spot is very small, can reduce the material mechanical deformation in a large extent and with lower processing heat effect.UV laser processing is cold processing, because the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons, it will be released when processing the molecules directly on material. When using cold laser processing, the probability of material damage is reduced to 1% .

The advantages are as follows:

  1. The focus spot is extremely small, can carry on the ultra-fine marking and the special material marking, the marking effect is higher.
  2. Heat affected area is very small, will not produce material scorch problem, more environmental-friendly.
  3. UV laser is mainly low power, the overall performance of stability, low power consumption.

The UV laser marking machine can clearly mark all plastics and other materials that have an adverse reaction to heat. Because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, and the silicon wafer for complex graphics cutting and other industries.

The laser wavelength and application fields of those three laser marking are different, how to choose the right laser marking equipment based on the product material and personal requirements.

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