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How to select a best laser marking machine (3-4)

Today, let me tell you how to select a best laser marking machine.There are many kinds of laser marker equipment, including Co2 marking machine, optical fiber marking machine, UV laser marking machine and so on. In last article, we mentioned the factor of  the laser source and the power of the laser marking machine. 


3.The hardware configuration of the laser marker

laser marking machine, laser marker equipment

The main hardware structure of the laser marker equipment:



The laser source, the core of the laser marker equipment, is installed in the equipment casing. The imported fiber laser has good output mode and long life. In recent years, the technology of the domestic laser industry has gradually matured. What’s more, the life and performance of the laser can also be comparable to imported lasers. However, for users with very high accuracy requirements, it is recommended to explain to the manufacturer in advance and make requirements.

HJZ LASER provides domestic and imported lasers; domestically selected fiber lasers of well-known brands Raycus/JPT and imported US IPG.


2)Laser scanning galvanometer

The optical scanning galvanometer is also the core component of the laser marking machine, which is mainly used for fast and accurate positioning of the beam. The performance of the galvanometer determines the accuracy of the marking machine.

HJZ LASER selects high-speed scanning laser galvanometer system. The laser wavelength is different, and the laser scanning galvanometer also needs to match the four scanning galvanometers of fiber galvanometer, co2 galvanometer, ultraviolet (355 galvanometer) and green light (532 galvanometer).


3)Focusing system

The focusing system focuses the parallel laser beam at one point, mainly using f-θ lens (also called field lens). Different field lenses have different focal lengths and different marking effects and ranges. The standard field lens of fiber laser marking machine Generally: f=160mm, effective marking range Φ=110*110mm. The users can choose the field lens model according to their products and the marking range needed:

  • f=100mm, effective marking range Φ=75*75mm
  • f=160mm, effective marking range Φ=110*110mm
  • f=210mm, effective marking range Φ=150*150mm
  • f=254mm, effective marking range Φ=175*175mm
  • f=300mm, effective marking range Φ=220*220mm
  • f=420mm, effective marking range Φ=300*300mm

Due to the different wavelengths of the laser source, the focusing system also needs to be divided into fiber field lens, CO2 field lens, ultraviolet (355 field lens), green light (532 field lens).


4)Laser power supply

The input voltage of the laser power supply is AC220V alternating current, and the Adidas minicomputer is equipped with a switching power supply for easy portability and emergency stop.


5)Computer control system

The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology constitutes highly efficient automatic processing equipment, which can print various texts, patterns, symbols, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. It is easy to design marking patterns with software, change the marking content, and adapt to modern production requirements for high efficiency and fast pace.

There are many kinds of software used in the laser marking machine, some are conventional, some are developed by ourselves. Or the conventional software is developed for the second time, mainly depends on what control card is used by the equipment manufacturer and decides which software to use.

The first one: EZCAD. This software is used the most. At present, laser equipment manufacturers of minicomputers generally use this software. There are many patterns designed by this software. The main problem is different for upgrade function development

The second kind: Taiwan Qingyu software, this is quite satisfactory, can meet the general needs, secondary development is generally difficult, domestic users are relatively less than EZCAD, but foreign countries such as Thailand and India generally use this software More.

The third type: LS8001 software and marking machine, this model has few users, but its advantage is that the secondary development is not difficult, you can easily complete and add unused functions.

At present, some super brand manufacturer in the laser industry, has a large number of users of their own developed by itself, but the post-sale software maintenance cost is high.

At present, the laser marking machine used by HJZ LASER are basically equipped with EZCAD software.

The marking software is easy to operate and powerful, compatible with the output files of CoreIDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software, and also supports PLT, DXF, JPG, BMP and other files.

HJZ LASER marking software international edition secondary development function:

  • Receive and obtain 11 data transmitted from two serial ports;

  • Update marking content in real time, including real-time time to seconds;

  • The starting shift group number can be set manually;

  • The group number is accumulated every time the marking is made;

  • After the marking is completed, the 11 pieces of data received will be saved in the EXCEL form corresponding to the marking code.


4.The origin of the marking machine

The four places of laser marking machines are relatively well-known: Wuhan in Hubei, Shenzhen in Guangdong, Liaocheng in Shandong, and Zhejiang.

The area around Liaocheng Shandong is mainly used for recycling and refurbishment of laser marking machines, and the price of fiber laser marking equipment is as low as less than 10,000 or even 8,000 RMB.

The e-commerce model is followed in Zhejiang, using low-cost accessories, small profits but quick turnover, and the price is relatively low.

The laser marking machines in Guangdong are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and Dongguan generation. They mainly do configuration processing and pay attention to appearance design. They are called “design capital” and the price is relatively high.

Wuhan, Hubei, is known as “the birthplace of lasers” in China. Many high-tech developments have been well developed here. The laser manufacturers in Wuhan have relatively high requirements for the quality of equipment parts and production, and the use of laser technology in automation is more. Equipment prices are also higher than those in Shandong and Zhejiang. 

The End

Later let’s check the other factors about how to pick a good laser marking machine, considering factors such as: The price, the life and stability, Product appearance and brands, after sales service and the customization.

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