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How to select a best laser marking machine (5-10)

Last time we know the laser source, the power, the hardware configuration, the origin , the price, the life and stability, Product appearance and brands, after sales service and the customization of the laser marker machine, the following factors are also crucial factors about how to select laser marking machine:


5.Laser Marking machine price

The price of fiber laser marking machine (20W-120W) ranges from 20,000 to 200,000rmb;

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine (10W-100W) prices range from 30,000 to 180,000rmb;

The price of ultraviolet laser marking machine (1.2W-10W) ranges from 60,000 to 260,000rmb;

The price of green laser marking machine (3W/5W) ranges from 60,000 to 80,000rmb.

These prices will change according to the configuration selected by the user. HJZ LASER provides non-standard automation solutions. The prices are analyzed according to the needs of users and the specific problems of the configuration. 


6.The life and stability of the marking machine

The laser will be gradually worn out during long-term use. Many people mistakenly think that the greater the laser power is, the longer it is consumed, and the longer the life of the laser is. In fact, the greater the laser power is, the more heat is generated during operation. If the heat can not be dissipated in time, the long-term high temperature of the equipment will shorten the life and burn out easily.

Therefore, the equipment with optical fiber 50W and ultraviolet 3W and above needs to be equipped with a large water cooling system. Therefore, the higher the wattage is, the longer the life is not guaranteed. If the cooling system is not done well, it will be more likely to burn out, but also increase the cost of heat dissipation.


7.Product appearance and model of laser marker

select laser marking machine

At present, the appearance of the laser marking machine is mixed with dragons and dragons, and the styles are variable. There are small portable laser marking machines, desktop laser marking machines with cabinet operation tables and computers, and flying laser marking machines for automatic assembly lines. .


8.Brand of marking machine manufacturers

select laser marking machine

When select laser marker machine, it is recommended to look at the manufacturer/distributor first, the manufacturer’s brand/no brand, and the manufacturer’s strength. To ensure that the after-sales service of the equipment after the purchase can keep up.

Example: We visited a customer of a listed company, and the customer told us a period of experience in purchasing laser equipment. At that time, the customer did not inspect the factory and purchased the required imported laser, and paid a 30% deposit. The trial payment was made after three months, but The device failed within two months, and the manufacturer could not be contacted when looking back. The customer asked for someone to disassemble the device to find out that the laser was not imported.


9.After-sales service of marking machine

The operation of the laser marking machine requires the guidance and training of engineers. Especially the application skills, parameters and daily maintenance of equipment marking software.

The warranty period of electronic products is one year, and some manufacturers promote the warranty period of three or five years to attract customers. In fact, the accessories of the laser marking machine are well selected. Because the equipment has no consumables and no consumable parts, the equipment has a high maintenance-free rate. The lifetime of today’s laser equipment reaches 60,000 to 100,000 hours, and there is no problem in three to five years.

HJZ LASER has after-sales engineers responsible for connecting with customers, so you can worry-free after-sales.


10.About customization and others

select laser marking machine

When using laser equipment, the requirements for accuracy, engraving effect, speed, coordination with automation, custom jigs, etc., should be proposed to the manufacturer in advance, and confirmed during the sample testing and solution process, so as not to purchase laser marker that do not meet the user’s requirements. Machines definitely affects the user experience. 

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