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Single light path advertising welding machine

Single light path advertising laser welding machine is suitable for various advertising industries, and is widely used in various stainless steel characters, Seiko stainless steel characters, titanium gold characters, Seiko titanium characters, copper characters, Seiko aluminum characters, iron paint characters Low carbon steel strip), etc.

Single Light Path Advertising Welding Machine Description

  • Designed specifically for the advertising welding machine industry, this equipment adopts independently developed and optimized waveform adjustable technology, which has the advantages of deep welding, adjustable light spot size and high intensity.
  • Independent research and development of dedicated precision control power supply, high anti-interference circuit, touch screen control, humanized interface, easy to learn.
  • It has the advantages of not easy to desolder after welding, small heat affected area, no deformation, and no imprint on the reverse side of the welding point. The welding energy is adjustable, which is suitable for deep welding of thicker plates and also for welding of thinner metal plates, which can reduce the material cost of advertising characters.
  • Optional high-definition CCD monitoring, LCD display, dedicated positioning, fast positioning of welding parts, easy to learn, high efficiency, not easy to work fatigue, replace the traditional soldering, argon arc welding welding method.
  • The company’s automatic welding system for advertising characters can be optionally selected. The welding points are evenly adjustable, which is suitable for advertising characters of different sizes and different fonts, and the welding efficiency is higher. 

Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology Co. Ltd is established in 2009,  is a world leading manufacturer of industrial laser equipments, online fly inkjet printer and wall printing machines.

HJZ LASER is located in China optical valley , Wuhan city,which is the technical and manufacturing center of China industrial laser machines. We are specialized in laser marking machines, laser cutting machines,laser welding machines, metal fiber laser cleaning machine, inkjet printer and wall printing machines for  more than 10 years.

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