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The wide usage of laser marking machine

HJZ LAESR Fiber laser marking machine has very wide usage and big market.

The wavelength of fiber laser is 1064 nm,it can be absorbed by all metal materials and some non metal materials,such as ABS,PVC,PPR etc.

Laser marking machine can mark on animal ear tag,pigeon ring,surgical knife,auto parts,kitchenware,hardware,spare parts,precision parts,metal alloy,jewellery industry.

In fact,all the factories need a laser marking machine to mark on logo,serial numbers,manufacture date,bar code non the surface materials of the productions.

You can use it yourself and also can provide paid marking services to your customers to earn money.

HJZ LASER will provide you one-stop laser marking machine and total solution to you, help  you recover the cost in less than 3 months.

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