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Wall printing machine: a new big market

In the year of 2022, wall printing machine is one of the best seller in international market.

It has very big market and wide usage, it is a new market trend.

Wall printing machine can be used for culture walls projects, government projects,kindergarten,hotel,business center,home decoration,shopping mall,advertising industry projects etc.

According to the feedback of the customers ,the market charge of wall printing 1 square meters is from 50 USD to 200 USD, while the cost is less than 3USD.

It means you can recover the cost in very short time,maybe just one big project, you can get back all the investment and make profit.

HJZ LASER is looking for distributor,welcome to connect with us for the detailed quotation. HJZ LAESR will provide you not only high quality machines, also excellent services, market solution etc. Help you expand the big market.

Wall printing machine
Wall printing machine

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