Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology

What can handheld laser welding machine do for you

HJZ LASER handheld laser welding machine can do handheld laser welding work, can weld different metal and alloy materials, can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum,brass materials. Continuous laser welding advantage:
  1. Uniform energy distribution on the laser spot, could give best welding quality.
  2. Suitable for all metal material joint welding.
  3. Adopts 1000W fiber laser, maintenance free, power conversion is 25%, life could be 100000 hours.
  4. Good welding speed.
  5. Less heat affect (suitable for welding the material with high melting, high hardness features).
  6. Could give heat treatment to the part for welding area.
  7. For some complicated shape parts, micro parts machining, could be machining in vacuum environment.
  8. There is no noise, and pollution during machining.
  9. Working with auto control and computer technology,machine could do automatic machining.
  10. Could improve part material structure and performance by laser process.
  11. The welding head adopts water cooling, long term working stability was ensured well.
HJZ LASER handheld laser welding machine can also do cutting work and cleaning work.

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