Wuhan HJZ Laser Technology

Wobble head double swivel laser cleaning machine

HJZ LASER wobble head double swivel laser cleaning machines are very popular,with its special cleaning mode,high cleaning speed, become more and more popular. It can clean heavy rust,painting,coating,oil. Can clean flat surface and uneven surface.

HJZLASER wobble head laser cleaning machine advantages:

  • High cleaning efficiency save time, latest technology design

  • Strong anti-interference ability, safe and stable; ergonomic design, easy to operate.

  • Button-type protective lens, pull-out focusing lens and protective lens are easy to replace. High-quality optical lens can bear 3000W laser power.

  • Integrated control box design, easy to install, water-cooling cavity, stable and durable, good controllability, high flexibility, easy to achieve precise cleaning in selected areas and real-time.

  • Multiple cleaning modes: line, circle, snowflake, bull head, wheel type.

  • Compatible with all systems: dual-axis welding system + cleaning, shutter + double-button safety light-emitting design to ensure safe production.

  • Intelligent operation with 3 cleaning schemes: deep, standard and non-destructive.

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