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Air cooling handheld laser welder

HJZ LASER new model air cooling type handheld laser welding machine is on market on May!

Its single side welding thickness can reach 5mm.

It has very big market and wide usage, can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum,brass,metal alloy, galvanized plate and other metal materials.

Now only 6 days in May,HJZ LASER has got lots of inquiries and orders for this machine.

Welcome to connect with HJZ LASER for this hot selling Production!


Product Description

HJZ LASER new type Air cooling type handheld laser welding machine has many advantages:

  1. Small size, light weight

  2. Can learn to operate in less than 3 minutes

  3. 100000 hours maintenance free

  4. Perfect welding seam, no welding scar , no deformation

  5. NO consumablesmaterials

  6. Light weight welding gun,only 0.7kg

  7. Can work 24 hours

  8. Can weld different metal and metal alloy materials,such as carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,brass,metal alloy materials etc


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