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Air cooling handheld laser welding machine

HJZ LASER air cooling type handheld laser welding machine is small size and light weight, you can put it in your car, can move it yourself, take it anywhere.

The welding seam is perfect, no welding scar, no deformation.

Easy to operate, no need of skilled professional workers, it will save much labor cost.


Product Description

HJZ LASER Air cooling type handheld laser welding machine has many advantages:

  1. Small size, light weight
  2. Can learn to operate in less than 3 minutes
  3. 100000 hours maintenance free
  4. Perfect welding seam, no welding scar , no deformation

  5. NO consumablesmaterials
  6. Light weight welding gun,only 0.7kg

  7. Can work 24 hours

  8. Can weld different metal and metal alloy materials,such as carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,brass,metal alloy materials etc.
Technical parameters
Item    Parameter
 Model HJZ-HWD-Air
Wavelength 1064nm
Cooling type Water cooling
Voltage 220V±10% 50HZ or 380V
Machine weight 39KG
Warranty One year
Welding Materials Stain less steel, carbon steel, aluminum, metal alloy
Laser power 1000w,1500w,2000w,3000w
Wire auto feeder YES
Trademark HJZ LASER


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